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More Affordable Healthcare

Let’s fight for Medicare For All. Our seniors love it. We could have it with politicians who care more about people than the profits of the Insurance Industry.

  • End the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorder
  • Advocate for families and individuals affected by the opioid epidemic by increasing funding for substance abuse treatment and long-term mental health treatment
  • Protect Medicaid expansion, which has made mental health and substance abuse treatment available to 124,000 Pennsylvanians
  •  Increase access to Narcan for emergency personnel and training for community groups and families of addicts to reduce overdose deaths
  • Support medically supervised Overdose Prevention sites in order to have counselors available for those suffering from substance abuse disorders that may be ready to seek treatment
  • Ensure the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is being used effectively and across state lines. Encourage the Commonwealth to support software companies that can analyze the program to see if any loopholes are not being addressed.
  • Make sure the Commonwealth will enforce the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act – which requires insurers to treat illnesses of the brain, such as depression and addiction, the same way they treat illnesses of the body, such as diabetes and cancer
  • Support a women's right to choose.


Freedom & Opportunity for Workers

  • Let’s expand freedoms for hard working Pennsylvanians and our families. 
  • Let’s raise wages for all workers, not just the corporate elite. 
  • Let’s protect the right for workers to organize. 
  • Let’s help families for families with paid family leave. 
  • Let’s give tax relief for those who need it and collect it from those corporations and people cheating the system.
  • Let’s create more jobs by making our roads and bridges safer to drive on. 
  • Let’s create more money for the things we need by making Marijuana legal. 
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour
  • Protect the right of workers to organize and collectively bargain and oppose legislation that would prohibit public employees from voluntarily having association dues deducted from their paychecks


Justice for All

Our communities thrive when the residents and the police know each other and work together with shared goals. 
  • Address racism and discrimination when and where it occurs with a determination for unity and community.
  • Go after the companies who exploit immigrant workers. 
  • Support refugees with Faith and Community based groups. 
  • Protect Philadelphia's status as a sanctuary city
  • Heal the divide between the community and local police
  • Support the rights of all individuals to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest injustice
  • Fight against systemic & institutionalized racism


Protecting The Environment

  • We should ban fracking. Fracking pollutes our water and environment. And we should tax these Big Gas companies who frack. 
  • Too many politicians sell themselves out to Big Gas and Oil Industry. As a result, these politicians don’t hold Big Oil and Gas responsible in so many ways.  
  • There’s a whole new Green Clean Industry waiting to be tapped for well paid jobs but the politicians and their conspiring with Big Gas are  getting in the way. It’s time for candidates who are willing to put our people before power to take charge of our state.
  • Advance policies to safeguard our natural resources and protect the air, water and land for future generations


Affordable Education Means More Freedom & Opportunity

  • Making Pre-K costs more affordable to support the financial freedoms of working mothers and families.
  • Making college and technical school costs realistic to where people can actually go and not lose their life savings including free community college tuition for all Pennsylvanians.
  • Big Oil and Gas companies should be paying taxes to use our land for their fracking. And that money will provide well deserved funding for our schools.
  • Advocate for more counseling and mental health programs in our public schools
  • Support legislation that would increase state funding levels for critical education investments.
  • Support an increase in state funding for proven early childhood education programs.
  • Fight for comprehensive updates to be made to Pennsylvania's charter school law.
  • Oppose legislation that would prohibit public employees from voluntarily having association dues deducted from their paychecks.


Freedom From Gun Violence

 The people should always have the freedom to go about their lives without being gunned down by a mass shooter. And we should be represented by politicians who care more about our lives than the profits of gun manufacturers. We deserve that freedom. 

  • Support SB501, Domestic abusers shouldn’t infringe upon the freedoms of others with guns.
  • When gun buyers go through a background check for felony histories all of us are more free.
  • Support Pennsylvania House Bill 1400 and Senate Bill 209 which would close loopholes that allow for private long gun sales.
  • Raise the age to 21 to purchase firearms.
  • Require education and permit for any first-time gun purchasers.


Getting Rid Of Big Corporate Government

  • Let’s make the our government represent the people by stopping Gerrymandering. This will make our districts really be for the people.
  • Support reducing the size of the State House. Even if that means the elimination of my own district if I were to get elected
  • Require receipt for "per diem" expenses
  • Refuse pay if budget deadlines are not met
  • Let’s end bribery between the politicians and corporate industries.


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